We focus on deeper relationships with our clients, allowing us to drive results more efficiently.

Founded in 2012, Ten26 Media was created to change the way agencies worked with brands. We believe in a very personal, one-on-one experience, so we focus on partnering with a select number of businesses. Our advertising strategies utilize the power of targeting on networks such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn to share an engaging message, delivering new leads and opportunities.


Discovery phase allows us to learn more about your business, the industry, as well as your direct competition. We also review marketing goals and establish KPIs.


Our detailed assessments give you an inside look into your search and social media advertising accounts to identify areas of concern and improvement.


Strategy development is at the heart of our approach and sets the tone for a long-term partnership. This playbook includes a roadmap with a tactical execution plan.


Don’t get stuck with recommendations. Communication services are the implementation phase of our approach and the ‘heartbeat behind the keyboards’.


We joke that data doesn’t have feelings. Our consistent measurement and testing of our client’s campaigns maximizes performance and return-on-ad-spend.


Maintain the momentum of the engagement by continuing to optimize existing content, developing new content and using our team as a resource.

Partners with some of the world's most trusted brands

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Our complimentary consultation allows us to learn more about you, your business and your advertising objectives.